Helene Højsgaard Chow

Helene Højsgaard Chow

MD, Ph.D.

Post doc and consultant at the Department of Neurology, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet 

Helene Højsgaard Chow works as a postdoctoral scientist while maintaining a strong clinical background through her part-time clinical work as a neurological consultant in the MS clinic. 

Helene obtained her Ph.D. in 2020 from the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Center (DMSC), exploring the therapeutic potential of dimethyl fumarate in primary progressive MS, and has since then undertaken the dual role of researcher and clinician. She has co-initiated and provided funding for a randomized clinical trial of cognitive rehabilitation in 2022, followed by the co-initiation of a comprehensive qualitative study in 2023 focusing on progressive MS.

Helene's primary research area has been on therapeutic options for MS patients with chronic disabilities while also developing novel trial protocols and broadening her understanding of a range of advanced neuroimaging techniques. Her work also focuses on fluid biomarkers, genetic risk variants, cognitive dysfunction, and immunology in MS. This multifaceted background reflects her comprehensive understanding of the disease.

Helene actively contributes to academic publishing as a reviewer and author. She is the initiator of and part of several national and international collaborations. As a mentor and educator, Helene is the primary co-supervisor for two Ph.D. candidates.

Contact: helene.hoejsgaard.chow@regionh.dk